— On Earth.

The recent renaissance of space exploration has re-injected science fiction with fantasies of humans surviving against all odds in exotic, perilous environments. We imagine ourselves to be new-age frontiers people, wrangling with the overpowered forces of nature — and somehow winning. However, space is nothing like the Wild West of…

It’s 150 million BCE and there’s not a single Shake Shack in sight. What are you going to do about it?

Imagine this scenario.

We’ve been thrown back in time to the Great Age of the Dinosaurs — the Mesozoic Era. Imagine the wonders of this long-extinct world, bounding with life so large that there’s no doubting our temporal distance from modern-day Kansas. Brachiosaurus necks swing resolutely between towering canopies. Terrible bipedal beasts dash…

When you want something done right, sometimes, you have to do it yourself.

Never settle for a sub-par product. Ever.

Boring tasks suck. Boring, frustrating tasks suck more.

That’s why I particularly hate visiting most citation websites when writing papers. As a student, I’m constantly referencing other people’s work. While this is very important, it’s often much more difficult than necessary. …

Ade Balogun

Environmental Engineering, Columbia 2020. MSc. Candidate @ Imperial College London.

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